How CORT Party Rental helped

TruePoint Partners is the sister company of Golf Events, LLC, which specializes in planning and creating extraordinary corporate events. When presented with the opportunity to organize Denali Advanced Integration's inaugural 5K race, TruePoint Partners relied on CORT Party Rental's extensive inventory and trusted service.

The purpose of the 2014 Denali Dash extended beyond creating an enjoyable event. Michelle Cahill with TruePoint Partners explains, "The goal was to bring together employees and business partners to create a fun, family-friendly event, and build awareness in the community.  Additionally, the company wanted to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital uncompensated care."

CORT Party Rental was happy to provide the Denali Dash participants with a post race, celebratory environment. Michelle explains, "CORT Party Rental created the perfect environment for our band, beer garden and food trucks." The CORT Party Rental team welcomes any opportunity to work with TruePoint Partners because every event is guaranteed to be unique and rewarding.